Our action philosophy

Our civilization is undergoing a major change on a planetary scale. For more than 50 years, the work of the anthropo-sociologist Alain de Vulpian and his teams has been making possible to observe the rise of a living and complex society, perhaps a new era in the history of humanity. It is a metamorphosis. We are probably at a fork in the road where different paths are opening up, the one towards a society dominated by oligarchs and robots, the one towards a living, humanistic and creative society.

Happymorphosis is the awareness of this point of bifurcation. The humanist metamorphosis is characterized by a change in people, in the social fabric and a complementarity between this humanist, innovative dynamic and a digital revolution that must be at its service if it is to be nurtured.

Our association is the meeting of “ordinary people”, says Alain de Vulpian, you, us, leaders, manuals, intellectuals, young and old, educated and ignorant, women and men from everywhere, who want to protect the humanist metamorphosis, to bring it to life in order to build a new society.

Today, it is a matter of urgency; how can we better perceive our environment, our ecosystem and all its interactions by relying on our capabilities and our rational, emotional and sensory potential. To do this, we must use a “methodological optimism” approach, as Alain de Vulpian suggests.

Our purpose

To allow this metamorphosis to spread and to achieve this ambition, we have a means: the socio-perception.

What is socio-perception?
It is the ability of human beings to grasp all the elements of changes in their environment.  It is the recognition of one’s intuitive and empathetic abilities in interconnection with others that allows one to adapt and thus to make the humanist metamorphosis come alive.

This site is an illustration of this.

Happymorphose is a dynamic and lively network, international, national, local, of socioperceptives from companies, administrations, associations and civil society.

Wish to join us

  • If you are tempted to go further, join us, you will deepen your know-how while enriching ours.
  • If you have the intuition that evolution spontaneously leads us towards a more human and balanced society but that our elites and leaders are blocking us, come and work with us.
  • If you are entering active life, come and immerse yourself in the metamorphosis, you can find your way.
  • If you are faced with the challenge of changing and humanizing the organization of your company or your department, come and see us. We can help you or introduce you to some “catalysts” who have experienced a similar adventure.
  • If you are overwhelmed by the artificial conflicts between political parties, come and work towards the emergence of another democracy.
  • If you are retired and have free time, if you want to give more meaning to your life, come and help us.
  • If you are fed up with Europe being paralyzed by its bureaucracy and by the resurgence of narrow nationalisms, come and work on another experience of Europe.
  • If, by reading Eloge of metamorphosis and/or Homo Sapiens – Collapse or Fulfillment, you have understood that you are socio-perceptive, perhaps we can help you to become even more so.
  • If you have observed weak signals from central aspects of metamorphosis that we are neglecting, let us know and we will discuss it.

Alain de Vulpian left us

founder of the Happymorphose Movement, attentive observer of the bifurcation of our societies, for more than 50 years…

The memory of the future

Arie de Geus liked this expression that began in the past and projected into the future: “Experiencing the future”. When he spoke French he distinguished potential Futures from What was to Come (l’Avenir).

This little memorial is devoted to everything Arie de Geus had lived and presaged to enable us to live in the future. Grateful thanks

Financial Times article


By Dennis Sandow, Scientist-practitioner

Taking care of community during COVID. An example: In IDAHO, a living hospital community where staff care for their community and the community cares for them


N°11 – MARCH 2021



Socioperception and the emergence of an economy of meaning

The key role of socioperceptive people in transforming organisations and society

Alain de Vulpian and Tonnie van der Zouwen

Key words: Socioperception, empathy, anticipation, social fabric, economy of meaning, self-organisation, emotions, self-awareness, stakeholders


“De Vulpian’s book offers more than just an alert. It aims to help ordinary people be more or less clairvoyant, to strengthen their intuitions and to innovate. At the bifurcation point, by paying attention to the weak signals, we can “take care of metamorphosis”. Peter Senge, MIT

“The right book at the right time”. Göran Carstedt, former head Volvo, IKEA

Foreword by Arie de Geus

The Shift from Capitalism to a Knowledge Society: in business, Company Law in most countries still describes the 19th century position of the business corporation-as-a-machine….that Law allocates to the shareholder the ultimate and supreme power…until that law is changed, it puts management between the rock of emancipated people liberated from earlier social and moral constraints and the hard place of shareholder power, exercised by financial institutions with short-term financial goals… Perhaps we need a French revolution in the business world to prevent a confrontation between emancipated people and business”

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Emanating in particular over the last 10 or 15 years from Cofremca, Sociovision, Socioconsult, L'Ami Public, SOL, the Vigilants Club, the Citizenship Workshops, Dream Society, Sociocultural Revolution of the Enterprise, Social Contract…

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