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Alain de Vulpian left us

founder of the Happymorphose Movement, attentive observer of the bifurcation of our societies, for more than 50 years…

The memory of the future

Arie de Geus liked this expression that began in the past and projected into the future: “Experiencing the future”. When he spoke French he distinguished potential Futures from What was to Come (l’Avenir).

This little memorial is devoted to everything Arie de Geus had lived and presaged to enable us to live in the future.

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By Dennis Sandow, Scientist-practitioner

Taking care of community during COVID. An example: In IDAHO, a living hospital community where staff care for their community and the community cares for them


N°11 – MARCH 2021



Socioperception and the emergence of an economy of meaning

The key role of socioperceptive people in transforming organisations and society  

Alain de Vulpian and Tonnie van der Zouwen

Key words: Socioperception, empathy, anticipation, social fabric, economy of meaning, self-organisation, emotions, self-awareness, stakeholders


“De Vulpian’s book offers more than just an alert. It aims to help ordinary people be more or less clairvoyant, to strengthen their intuitions and to innovate. At the bifurcation point, by paying attention to the weak signals, we can “take care of metamorphosis”. Peter Senge, MIT

“The right book at the right time”. Göran Carstedt, former head Volvo, IKEA

Foreword by Arie de Geus

The Shift from Capitalism to a Knowledge Society: in business, Company Law in most countries still describes the 19th century position of the business corporation-as-a-machine….that Law allocates to the shareholder the ultimate and supreme power…until that law is changed, it puts management between the rock of emancipated people liberated from earlier social and moral constraints and the hard place of shareholder power, exercised by financial institutions with short-term financial goals… Perhaps we need a French revolution in the business world to prevent a confrontation between emancipated people and business”

OCTOBER 20, 2021

a tribute to alain de vulpian and his thoughts


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MARCH 2021


metamorphosis booklet n°11

Simplicity, Complexity, Simplexity

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november 2020


metamorphosis booklet n°10

A pandemic at the crossroads of the “humanist metamorphosis”

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APRIL 2020


metamorphosis booklet n°9

How ordinary people… are transforming the world?

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JANUARY 30, 2020

IDEAS NIGHT - Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole

3pm: INTRODUCTION ROUND TABLE “the paradigm shift, the need for resilience and new practices of cooperation and training.”

Faced with the complexity of the crisis and the urgency we face in organising the resilience of our societies, there is an urgent need to bring out new actors, new mechanisms, new cooperations and new types of training.

Animation: Georges Dhers, member of the Civic Pact and UT1.
Speakers: Pascal Roggero, professor of sociology at UT1, Eric Thuillez, member of the civic pact, Michel Joli, Léo Lagrange, Patrick Viveret, philosopher, Irene Dupoux Couturier, Happymorphose and video, Jean-Louis Sanchez,ODAS.

DECEMBER 5, 2019

CONFERENCE "the humanist metamorphosis in organizations"

We celebrated the graduation of outgoing students with the Certificate in Innovative Management of Organizations and Care Networks at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.
On this occasion the 2019/2020 programme was presented and Marie Christine Villagordo gave a lecture on “humanist metamorphosis in organizations”.
The evening ended in a festive way with a cocktail dinner at Namur University.

DECEMBER 3, 2019

rendez-vous des futurs - le cube

At the point of bifurcation of our societies, and unlike the collapsology, the Happymorphose movement of which Irene Dupoux-Couturier is co-chair is the concrete expression in Research-action of a methodological optimist who can help take the creative paths of a future humanist.

Here is the full show offered by Le Cube, JD2 and Triple C

NOVEMBER 25, 2019



Organized by Global SoL
autour of the book “Homo Sapiens, Collapse or Fulfillment” by Alain de Vulpian and Irene Dupoux Couturier

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

It was better... tomorrow - Humanist metamorphosis on march.

Evening Encounter / Dedication at the Brasserie Le Carrefour – Fontaine Bookstore in Paris 8th

Lecture by Irene Dupoux-Couturier
on the book “Homo Sapiens, Collapse or Fulfillment”, she co-wrote with Alain de Vulpian

october 2019


metamorphosis booklet n°7

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october 3, 2019

night of inet

Interviews Jean Moulin – “Citizenship and Management”
Caluire et Cuire Town Hall
Find Patrick Degrave’s lecture here

september 19, 2019

happymorphose or happy changes

Evening at the Antoine bookstore in Versailles
around the book “Homo Sapiens, Collapse or Fulfillment” by Alain de Vulpian and Irene Dupoux Couturier
with Gilles Poirieux

July 11, 2019

European University of Territorial Public Innovation - cnfpt

2,200 people were gathered in France in 13 sites to implement 150 territorial challenges.
This is at the heart of the societal and participatory democracy described in the book “Homo Sapiens, in the age of Artificial Intelligence, the humanist metamorphosis” Chap.9 p.165.
Irene Dupoux-Couturier was a great witness at Ile d’Abeau in front of 250 people who carried out 18 projects on the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region that will be carried out in the coming months and years by including all “actors of local democracy”, civil servants, elected officials, citizens, associations and businesses.

July 1st, 2019



Organized by Global SoL
Around the book “Homo Sapiens, Collapse or Fulfillment”, with Irene Dupoux-Couturier

June 13, 2019

Meeting / dedication at the Eyrolles bookstore

around the book “Homo Sapiens, Collapse or Fulfillment”
with Irene Dupoux Couturie

May 2019

"europe and metamorphosis" intervention

By Irene Dupoux-Couturier
On the occasion of the “SoL European Learning Plaza” in Budapest.

May 15, 2019

"Becoming an actor in a humanist society" day

Organized in Lille, by Happymorphose, SoL France and the Catholic University of Lille.

In the metamorphosis booklet 7 (page 5): Some reflections and answers from
workshops held during this day as well as the account made by our Lebanese colleagues of the “accompanying workshop” they conducted in parallel to this Lille day, more focused on the situation in the Arab world and/or Lebanon.

April 9, 2019

Goethe Institute Conference

“For a new European consciousness”
Europe’s role in the metamorphosis of world civilization.
Introducing Costas Stamatopoulos and Irene Dupoux-Couturier
In Paris

April 1-2, 2019

World Human Forum - delphes

“Socio-cultural metamorphosis” 
With Tomas Bjorkman, Alexandra Mitsotaki and Irene Dupoux-Couturier.

14 years after the publication of his interview in the Cahiers de SoL France, Muhammad Yunus with Irene Dupoux-Couturier.

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