• Discover his philosophy and his work in an inspiring course in the morning and a learning course in the afternoon through an intergenerational and inter-organizational dialogue in networks of networks throughout the day.
  • Deepen the main themes of this thought to better understand the complexity of living and its capacity for self-regeneration.
  • By discovering together the weak signals, the heavy trends, and the dynamics constituting opportunities, we will take care of the humanist metamorphosis, observed for more than 60 years. By creating a collective consciousness, we will seek ways to co-create a sustainable common future.




Alain, a humanist listener, passionate about socio-cultural currents and neuroscience: what did you learn from him?

facilitated by Irène Dupoux-Couturier, Co-President Happymorphose :

  • Yves le Floc’h Soye, Co-President Happymorphose, Member of the French Veterinary Academy
  • Göran Carstedt, former President of Volvo Sweden and IKEA North America
  • Gérard Demuth, former General Manager of Cofremca
  • Irène de Vulpian


A dialogue, through a comparative perspective, within the framework of a research action on organizations

led by Marie Christine Villagordo, collaborator of Alain de Vulpian/Happymorphose
and Pascal Roggero, research professor in sociology at the University of Toulouse-Capitole
with the participation of business leaders

 Circles of resonance:

National and international exchanges and shares, what inspires us in the gathering of thoughts to make the humanist metamorphosis blossoming 

Round table conversation

facilitated by Marie Christine Villagordo:

  • Jo Spiegel: Plea for a “constructive-democracy”.
  • Laurence Baranski: The awakening of the spirit
  • Jérôme Vignon: Where do we want to go?
  • Jean-Baptiste de Foucauld: Democracy, a “politics of civilization”: business, state, society


the thoughts of Edgar Morin and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Evolution, complexity, risks, uncertainties, metamorphosis, co-creation



Intergenerational dialogue:

What kind of society can we dream of?

Moderator: Charles Puybassset “WeareOne” and Mickaël Réault “Le Grand Rebond”,
dialogue with Irène Dupoux-Couturier

Circles of resonance


Learning circles based on the morning’s themes: 

The society-as-a-brain, acting in networks and third places, Happymorphose
interventions, questions, resonance, learning
Some examples:

  • Tomorrow’s company: Autopoiesis, self-governance, trial and error strategy, complexity, simplexity
    Facilitation: Patrick Degrave
  • The living company, a renewed capitalism: Complementarity of the reflections of Alain de Vulpian, Arie de Geus and Humberto Maturana
    Facilitation: Göran Carstedt
  • What do we learn from crises? Innovation at the core, tomorrow will not be like before
    Facilitation: Kevin Dolgin
  • Constructive democracy, frugal innovation, territorial transition: soft power, cooperation, local projects. What political governance?
    Facilitation: Jo Spiegel and Georges Dhers
  • Educational renewal, systems thinking, learning from weak signals, evolutionary thinking, cooperation and gift economy, symbiotic economy,
    Facilitation: Pascal Roggero
  • Consciousness and awakening of the mind: A new era for humanity: ecology and human development, towards a civilization of empathy, links and gift, the contribution of Teilhard,
    Europe, the pilot fish of the metamorphosis? Democracy and tomorrow?
    Facilitation: Irène Dupoux-Couturier and Jean-Baptiste de Foucauld
  • Acting for tomorrow, which methods: strong trends, weak signals, and Socioperception,
    Taking care of the common good, …
    Facilitation: Marie-Christine Villagordo – testimonial : Olivier Remoissonnet


Learning walk to share the work

around the “graphic recorders” and the keywords that will have emerged.


Conclusion “Tomorrow Happymorphose”



  • Entreprise : 200 €
  • Association / ONG : 100 €
  • Individual : 60 €


  • Entreprise : 300 €
  • Association / ONG : 200 €
  • Individual : 100 €